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We are the number one team for end of lease and bond cleaning, Sydney wide. We take the stress out of moving house and make sure you get your bond back at the end of your tenancy. We will make your property sparkling clean so you can move on without a worry.
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What is end-of-lease cleaning in Sydney?

End-of-lease cleaning is also known as bond cleaning, vacate cleaning, or an exit cleaning service. End-of-lease cleaners specialise in cleaning properties once tenants have moved out to make sure it is cleaned to the high standard of real estate agents and landlords. Our comprehensive end-of-lease cleaning services ensure that the state of the property won't affect the return of your security deposit placed at the beginning of your tenancy.
end of lease cleaners sydney

Bond Back Guarantee & 7 Day Warranty

End of lease cleaning Sydney is our speciality, and we guarantee the best cleaning services with a bond back guarantee and a 7 day warranty. Our end of lease services guarantees that you won't lose any of your bond to cleanliness concerns. While we are the best at what we do, if a real estate agent is unhappy with some part of the cleaning service, our 7 day warranty means we will return to the property to attend to those issues free of charge. This is one step more than most other companies that only offer 72 hours of cover that sometimes is simply not long enough.
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End of Lease Cleaning Services Sydney

Are you looking for End of lease cleaning near you? Look no further than Sydney Clean Service!
We are the number one team for end-of-lease and bond cleaning, Sydney-wide. We take the stress out of moving house and make sure you get your bond back at the end of your tenancy. We will make your property sparkling clean so you can move on without worry.

End of Lease Cleaning Near Me

If you are googling for the phrase “End of Lease Cleaning Near me”, you are at the right place with us!
We follow the real estate approved cleaning checklist and have all the tools for a detailed clean-up. We at Sydney Clean Service offer flexible booking options so that you can schedule the vacate cleaning on your free days. We make it further efficient by providing the final quote during the first contact. In addition, we use non-toxic products for sanitisation which ensure hygienic and habitable surroundings.
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Bond Cleaning Services Sydney

The end of the tenancy can become stressful if you are worried about losing the bond. We at Sydney Clean Service understand this problem and provide you with affordable end-of-lease cleaning packages. You can customise the cleaning process according to your needs and we will be happy to accommodate your special requests. The best part is that we provide the final quote for free.
Sydney Clean Service is a well-recognised cleaning company that is highly regarded for its affordability and efficient end-of-lease cleaning in Sydney. Our bond back guarantees for seven days (Ts and Cs apply) give us a competitive edge over others. It is our mission to help our clients get their bond back so that they can have a stress-free moving experience. Our end-of-lease cleaners in Sydney are industry experts who are trained in a variety of cleaning techniques. They are adept at carpet and oven cleaning and make sure that every nook and corner of the house is left sparkling clean.

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Why hire us to do your end of lease clean?

We treat your property as if it's our own and have:
Fast, trained and highly experienced cleaners
Advanced technology and equipment
Environmentally friendly products
Free customisable quotes
Competitive pricing
Multiple services under one company

What does end of lease cleaning in Sydney include?

We have developed an extensive list of cleaning services, with our long history of experience working with Sydney real estate agents and knowing what they look for before giving you your bond back.

Some of the things on our end of lease cleaning checklist includes:


range hood
stove and oven cleaning
backsplashes and spouts


air vents

Bedrooms and Living Areas

light fixtures
light switches
window cleaning
window frames
skirting boards


cleaning drier filters

Entryways and Corridors

dusting banisters

Outdoor and Garage Cleaning

If your real estate agent has a specific check list, we will combine that with our already comprehensive list to ensure you get a great job and your bond back.

Everything you need in one place

Not only do we take the stress of end of lease cleaning off you, but we also provide the best comprehensive cleaning options Sydney wide, making us your one-stop cleaning team. Remove the hassle of coordinating extra carpet steam cleaning and pest control services at the end of your tenancy. We can take care of all your end of lease cleaning, carpet steam cleaning, and pest control needs through one simple contact.

Combine your end of lease cleaning in Sydney with any number of our other services. Service options include:

  • Carpet steam cleaning
  • Pest control
  • Lawn mowing and garden maintenance

This makes the process even easier, meaning that after you have moved your furniture out, you only have one contact and one team to coordinate your end of lease obligations with. Make the process simple and keep your real estate agent happy by using our expert move out cleaning and maintenance services.

Environmentally friendly cleaners

We are a responsible company that understands how some cleaning products can affect the environment. We make every effort to be environmentally responsible and use environmentally friendly products. This means you can be confident that we are taking care of your property while also taking care of the earth.

Expert equipment

We use modern, state of the art cleaning equipment, which is one of the things that makes us the best cleaners in Sydney. The end of lease clean that would be laborious for you to do yourself is made even quicker and easier by us having the very best in clean services equipment.

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End of lease cleaning Sydney- Frequently Asked Questions

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Who we are

We are an expert cleaning company based in Sydney NSW with an extensive history of experience providing tenants with an end of lease cleaning service.

We have built our property cleaning service on the values of quality, trust, excellence, and care. We especially value quality in every aspect of our company's services. This means everything from our work cleaning to customer service is focused on giving you ultimate cleaning satisfaction.

To do this, we offer quotes free of charge, a guarantee of bond and security deposit returns and a 7-day warranty on our vacate cleaning service - meaning we will return to re clean something if the real estate agent isn't happy - totally free of charge.

We have multiple teams of highly trained bond cleaners, meaning that we are not only good at what we do, but we are flexible and able to provide a cleaning service even to people who are moving last minute.

Our wide range of service options also means that we can be your one-stop clean shop, offering every service you could need like our carpet cleaning service, pest control service and lawn and garden care services.

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